Monday, December 20, 2004

good old Christmas

I had officially done ALL my Christmas shopping. Generally my family is supposed to buy one present for one person (except the kids can get presents from everyone) because trust me, that would be a LOT of presents people had to buy. But this year, only half of us are going to be at home for Christmas, and I decided to get presents for everyone who would be there, albeit little ones. And I was so relieved because I finished shopping last week, on Thursday. Soup recipe book for Mum and Dad, chocolates for *Rita and *Tom, bhuja mix plus a homemade gift for *Felix and *Michelle, book of animal stories for *Linley, joke book for *Louis, special crayons you can use in the bath for *Sian and *Adrienne, and a fluffy puppet thing for *Fiona. (*Names changed! You never know, they could be reading this!)

But no! Now I find out my grandmother is going to be there too, also my brother-in-law's parents and my sister's German au pair. Do you think I need to get them all presents too? I've only GOT about $2 left.

Siggghhh... the joys of Christmas.

Having said that, I love Christmas a lot. We had our church carols service yesterday which is always fun. I'm definitely going to our city's Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve which should be just as fun, if not more. And then there's always the food. And the presents. Not that I care about the presents. :D

I wish everyone reading this (which is probably zilch) a very happy Christmas, wherever you are or whoever you're with.

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