Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday morning

It's Monday morning again, and I am tired and I don't want to go to class. Even though I generally like it. :) Silly me. I should get more sleep. I had a nice weekend; my friend Eva and I took two of my nephews to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was so excited because I've really been looking forward to it and it definitely lived up to the expectations. Johnny Depp was fantastic as Willy Wonka, the Oompa Loompas were cool, the boy (Freddy Highmore???) who played Charlie Bucket was also really good. I thought the four other children's parts could have been done better - not necessarily acting-wise, but script-wise, but all the same, I loved it overall. I was so glad it stayed much closer to the book than the previous version, which I never really liked.

On Sunday I went to a lunch at someone's house for the small group from my church that I am in. Of course I ate way too much... as did three other people there, and then one of them made us all laugh really hard and it was incredibly painful. When one is hungry, one forgets how painful food can be.

This week I have decided to START PREPARING for essays that will be due in three or four weeks. I've spent the last week cruising along doing nothing except tutorial homework and now I regret that I will have to get down to business. Sigh. I am so lazy. I also have to finish reading Hamlet. Double sigh. It's actually great but I just can't be bothered anymore.

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