Thursday, February 08, 2007


I am going to live in Western Australia for an entire semester, come July, and I have only just realised that July is not far away. It's a little bit exhilarating! A complete change of scene. I get to do different things for six months (I'm getting a little sick of essay-writing although it has, surprisingly, grown on me). At the moment the plan is to nanny for my sister who is going back to work part-time after the birth of my little niece Ruby last October. I will also possibly be doing a course on early church history at their local Bible college, which I have always wanted to do but have never found the time for, and I might even do some volunteer English tutoring for the refugee children my sister works with (she's a paediatrician). Besides being in another country. Albeit a country whose culture isn't actually that different from mine and whose accent seems to me like a parody of mine.
It's really quite strange thinking it's only one more semester and then I'm off.


Stacy said...

How exciting. Yay for you!

Australian accents are like a parody of NZ accents? I guess I must just not know what NZ accents sound like then. I always assumed you sounded exactly like Australians. (Sorry!)

ellesappelle said...

Nope! We can immediately tell if someone's Australian. It's probably like the difference between Canadian and American accents - I have no idea what the difference is, but Canadians get annoyed if people can't tell, right?

The biggest (or most quoted) difference between Aussies and Kiwis is that we think they say 'feesh and cheeps' and they think we say 'fush and chups'. Aussies also say 'dance' the way Americans say it, but we say darnce. I just think they sound goofy and they probably think the same about me. :)

Sarah said...

I agree with you Allie! I can totally tell when there is an Australian in the room. They also say 'six' like 'sex', and we say 'six' like 'sicks'. I think they say 'bed' like 'bead' and we say 'bed' like 'bid'. ANYWAYS, I am so excited for you! We've swapped places! But I think it's going to be really good for you to get away and just relax.