Friday, February 16, 2007

week from hell

Right, so, here's what happened. Last Friday I had an essay due, and then there was only a week to study until the exam for my 3rd year History class on Gandhi. I thought that would be okay and I'd get study done fine if I was disciplined. I took Saturday off after handing in the essay, as I thought I deserved some time to do whatever I wanted, and I'd still have five days to study. However, I got sick on Sunday. It's something in between a flu and a cold. I've slept about half of what I normally sleep and have had to lie down all day for the last six days if I don't want to get migraines or blow my nose so often it falls off. Obviously, not the best of conditions to study for an exam in. And yet I have tried. It's probably the trying and stressing that means I still haven't kicked the flu away.

I'm at university now. I've just done the exam, which was hellish. I hate that it was the type that could have gone really well if I wasn't feeling sick but I just wanted to flop down on the floor the whole way through it. Now I have to wait until 1:30pm to see the doctor on campus and get a medical certificate in case I want to apply for an aegrotat. Ugh. If you'll excuse me, I need to go cough up my innards.

Now, this weekend, I'm supposed to be going on a camp for the start-up of the uni Christian group I'm in. Doesn't look likely. Especially as I got a text from the leader saying 'please bring swimming togs and old clothes' - nooooooo!!!! I want to go home and climb under a pile of blankets.

Sorry. This is a very boring and, again, Mrs Bennet-like blog post. I just feel that I've earned the right to complain today.


JenKneeBee said...

Ouch! Being forced to take tests when you're sick is not fun. It's always so silent and you're coughing/sneezing/sniffling all over the place making you feel so dumb as well as miserable. Hope you get feeling better!

Stacy said...

It has been a hellish week. It might be a universal thing.