Friday, February 23, 2007

six random things about Me!

I've been tagged by Jenkneebee to post six random and/or strange facts about myself - that you don't already know. So... here goes!

1) When I was a kid, I loved playing with things like paper dolls or playmobil (0f which we had a large collection, especially as I'm the youngest of six). But actually I wasn't at all into the "normal" type of playing, where a kid narrates a story and makes up a dialogue or something. I liked to organise all my little people for special events, such as going on camp, or celebrating Christmas. I would build the necessary buildings, or dress them suitably, and give them all names, and make sure everything was organised ready for them to take part in the special event... and then I would get bored and start over.

2) The only thing I remember from Calculus in Year 13 at high school was the formula for working out how long a corpse has been dead, judging from the temperature of the body and the temperature of the air around it. (This was when I was in the middle of an obsession with CSI.)

3) In high school, and even at one point in primary school, I had a habit of forming melodramatic and long-lasting crushes on teachers. This is so embarrassing. I didn't tell my friends about it (hi Sarah, and no, I'm not telling you which ones). I simply suffered in silence. Is there a psychoanalytical way to explain this?

4) My biggest fear is going deaf.

5) You may know this already, but I play the recorder, and I love it. I really think it is one of the most beautiful and versatile instruments - obviously, when played well. I love it when I tell people what I play and I get that little look of "what, are you nine?" because I thrive on a sense of persecution, however misplaced. It makes me feel individual.

6) When my mum died, the thing that tore me up the most - or, at least, produced the strongest reaction - was when a friend from university didn't come to the funeral. Go figure.

I tag... Sarah!


JenKneeBee said...

You play the recorder? That is seriously cool; I had no idea adults actually play it. When I was in fourth grade I considered myself one of the world's leading recorder players and traumatized both my parents and teacher. I'm sure you're much more accomplished than I was though :)

Stacy said...

Great list. You're much better at identifying random stuff than me. If I ever find a corpse, I'll call you so you can help me solve the crime. We'll then get credited as the long distance detective team.

ellesappelle said...

Jenkneebee: Haha, I can imagine. I grew up thinking recorder was the coolest thing because all my elder siblings played it. And then I started playing different types of recorders which made it even cooler, eg for a long time I played bass, and for about three years I played the biggest recorder in NZ, a subcontra bass in C, which goes as low as a cello :) Now I'm back to trebles and tenors, but right now is where I'm going to stop because I could go on and on!

Stacy: Actually I had much trouble thinking of random things about me that I haven't already identified on this blog! Problem with the corpse thing is... just because I know the formula doesn't mean I could actually do the maths! I was terrible at Calculus.

ukrainiandiva said...

That corpse thing is so cool! Now I want to learn too.

I think I may be a bit morbid at heart.