Monday, February 26, 2007

strange things for today

Today was the first day back at uni for semester one. There were several strange things about it, which are as follows:

1) When I was doing what is referred to as "summer" school, the weather was mediocre and comfortable. (I'm not a hot weather person.) Now that summer is over and everyone is back at uni, we are suddenly getting weather in the early thirties celsius - that's over ninety degrees fahrenheit. It's very very dry, and IT'S TOO HOT!!!

2) A few friends and I were sitting in the shade, melting, when we saw someone walking past carrying a tuba. Yes, a tuba. No case or anything. It was very odd.

3) In the lecture I had today, on nineteenth and twentieth century drama, all the lights in the lecture theatre suddenly turned off halfway through. Our lecturer couldn't fix them and neither could anyone else, and so we all had to leave early. Does this bode well for the rest of the semester? Are the metaphorical "light bulbs" of my imagination and reason going to be "turned off" in this course?

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Stacy said...

That's funny about the lights. My friend Megan used to lock us out of our creative writing class sometimes. It was funny the first time, but the second time, we ended up having class on the library steps and it was freezing.