Saturday, February 10, 2007

passports and Lisa Nowak

Firstly, Stacy is intrigued by my final comment on my last post, that my new passport photo makes me look like a terrorist. I was thinking about how best to explain this when I saw a photo in our newspaper of Lisa Nowak, NASA-astronaut-gone-weird. The Lisa Nowak of NASA versus the Lisa Nowak of police photography seemed to be a good way to describe the difference between my passport photo, and, hopefully, me. I say hopefully because I don't want anyone to tell me I actually do look like my passport photo. I was not allowed to smile (does anyone else also want to burst into laughter whenever someone tells you you can't?) and I had to look directly at the camera at an exactly straight angle, so I've ended up looking aggressive and grumpy and regimental.

Secondly, speaking of Lisa Nowak, does anyone else find the whole situation bizarre and sad? My guess is you'd have to be a pretty successful type of person to get as far as becoming an astronaut. What would make you suddenly attack another person for something as inane as a love triangle and think that it wouldn't ruin your life?


Sarah said...

It's really sad, eh? And whats even sadder is that NASA rigorously put astronauts through pyscological tests - one can never know of someone is going to go crazy.

JenKneeBee said...

And do it all while wearing diapers?

ellesappelle said...

Sarah: That's a worry! Let's hope we're the two out of every three people who aren't mad.

Jenkneebee: Yes... I'd say that's the most bizarre thing of all!