Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I thought today (sometimes I do think) that if someone were to ask me if I could discover any lost tomb, manuscript, skeleton, painting, whatever, whether mythical or real, I would discover a completed novel of Jane Austen's that was lost and never published. Sigh... dream on, I suppose.

Last night my sister and I organised all the days I'm going to babysit her two sons over the next month or so. It's quite exciting to be doing some proper work these holidays instead of just bumming around, although my excuse to not work was probably as good as they come. I think it could be quite fun, babysitting my nephews, if I make an effort to do fun stuff with them. They also have a pool at their house... velly nice in February, the hottest month of the year here, in the southern hemisphere where everything is upside down and backwards. (Or, as we see it, where everything is as it should be.)

This is a photo of an angel at a graveyard near my house. Taking photos of graveyard figures is one of my little interests. I think they're beautiful. I was inspired to write a few short stories because of an angel in another graveyard. One of them will published on the next issue (in February sometime) of the e-zine I contribute things to: Halfway Down The Stairs.

Patty, I think if you've never read any Jane Austen books before, don't go for Northanger Abbey first. I think it's one of the shortest, but Pride and Prejudice is probably the best one to start off with. Oh, and if you're going to see the new movie of Pride and Prejudice, make sure you also see the older BBC version (5 hours long, with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle). The new movie's okay, but in my opinion it just doesn't measure up to the older one.

Right! I'm off to make chocolate-chip cookies! (Yummm...)

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Patty said...

I like Colin Firth. The 2 movies which I can remember him from at the moment are: Girl With A Pearl Earring & Love Actually, if I'm correct. I will look into that movie. 5 hours long eh? Ha.

We have a cemetery somewhat near our house too, which I go to sometimes and take photos. There are not any pretty figurines that I've seen, although, I'll have to look closer. If you go back through my archives, you'll see one day's photos from there and some few others way back in November.

Oh, and I added you to my links.