Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the Port Hills

Well, last night I finally went up the Summit Road. I didn't expect it to be amazing, because it wasn't one of those days where everything is... painted in neon. But I was surprised. Just the drive up was great, but what struck me the most was how when I stopped the engine and got out, everything was so quiet. It's hard to describe things that aren't there, like silence... but it was just such a welcome change, after all that chugging up the hill in third or even second gear in the tired old car. And it was lovely watching the sun gradually set. It started off with really delicate hues of amber and blue and gradually got more and more vivid, though the same colours. And if you looked to the east, you could see this huge cloud creeping in over Christchurch city on one side of the hill and Lyttleton Harbour on the other side, and seeping into the bays. It was kind of like seeing a massive tidal wave in slow motion. It was pretty depressing coming down from that; once you reached the Sign of the Takahe (the building above) you couldn't see the sky properly anymore and everything was cloudy/smoggy. It was even worse on the flat (Christchurch is completely flat except for the Port Hills to one side of it)--it was so cloudy and greyish that it felt like winter, except it was too hot, and the only hint of the sun setting was this dark orange circle vaguely showing itself through the clouds in the west.

I like that photo of the Sign of the Takahe; if you ignore the bus and the road signs, it makes me think of Macbeth's castle or something like that, all mysterious and dire with the mist around it.

Today I spent a full day babysitting the nephews; we went to the airport to look at planes and baggage conveyor belt thingys, and then went swimming at a big public pool that has a hydroslide. Someone stole my sandals. Grrr. But I can't help laughing, because they didn't steal my wallet, and the shoes were only $10. :D Ha, what fools. To choose my shoes when there are countless others lying around in an area of town where most people would spend about five times more on their shoes than me... at the very least.


Patty said...

You know, everyone I knew a long time ago, who had Adidas sandals, had the black and white ones with stripes going across, so when I got a pair with them going vertical, I felt special. That is, until someone stole only ONE of my sandals off of our back porch! I figure, it was someone who didn't want my sandals, but who knew me or my family and wanted revenge for something or were just being stupid.

Super photos. Today or Wed. I'm going on a photo adventure to the park and cemetery. My mom was curious what I would photograph at the park because everything is dull, grey, dead & boring. Mabey so, but, hopefully I can get some great photos in spite of that fact. I will challege myself to not leave til I do so. The cemetery usually always has some fresh flowers. I don't like photographing fake flowers.

ellesappelle said...

I think you must be right about someone wanting revenge. What kind of idiot would steal one shoe? Funny story. Although of course I sympathise with you deeply.