Sunday, February 12, 2006

and the year begins

We had our first girls' Sunday a'noon Bible study today; well, technically it wasn't really a Bible study this time but we just had lunch and talked and did that Hot Seat thing everyone does at church stuff and so on... it was cool! Above: some photos of a few of the girls... today there were only six of us but there should be a few more when they get back from athletics competitions and army boot camp and so on! (Pauline, the blonde one with white t-shirt, would kill me if she knew I was putting the bottom photo on the internet... heh heh...) Most of the other girls involved are still at school, from about 14 to 16 in age, but there's one girl who's a year older than me there too, and my friend who's at boot camp at the moment is the same age as me. I think it'll be really fun. We're also going to do just fun stuff like going to the beach or renting movies or whatever.

My dad has gone away on holiday and I am all alone at home. It's okay right now but yesterday I got all bored and restless and in need of human company, and so I went over to my friend Katie's house and we watched Finding Neverland (which I have never seen before and loved) and just chatted and it was really nice. I've been invited for meals by at least three people so far who feel all sorry for me, all alone at home, motherless and now fatherless, but the weird thing this week is I will be busy at mealtimes every night this week. Babysitting, Shakespeare music playing, going to Ashburton... etc.

I'm playing piano at another funeral tomorrow. My church has had quite a spate recently.

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Patty said...

That sounds like a good time.

Does Pauline know about your blog? Ha.

Finding Neverland-saw it many months ago. It was nice.

Another funeral? Yikes. I never said this before, but...Sorry about your Mom.