Saturday, February 25, 2006

a letter

This is a letter my three-year-old nephew Finlay wrote to my Mum last week; he dictated while his father, Greg, wrote it down. I thought it was very cute and that this must be shared with the world. :)

Dear Gran,

We're so sad that you have died. You're so lucky that you're up in heaven now. We wish you were just alive again.

Guess what? We have been to a place called the bach and I caught a shark.

Gran, is heaven up in space or not? Well I hope you're having a lovely time up in heaven.

Love from Finlay

[Yes, he does have a rather amazing vocabulary for a three-year-old, and for the non-New Zealanders who may or may not read this blog, a 'bach' is like a holiday house or crib that many New Zealand families have, generally not at all modern or luxurious, although some people who have too much money have begun calling their holiday mansions 'baches'. Finlay's other grandparents happen to own a fantastic, real bach in the Marlborough Sounds, which you can only get to by boat, and has a lovely little beach and jetty of its own. It's actually pretty sad, the prices of baches have just shot up and up; my uncle's cheap little kit home in Le Bons Bay is now worth double the amount of his real home in the city. So unless you have a bach in the family now, people can't really afford them unless they're the type of people who can afford mansions.]

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