Saturday, February 11, 2006

iPods are FUN

This is a photo of the green M&Ms I have been faithfully collecting over the past six months. I thought it wouldn't take that long to get a jarful but no, it took ages. The problem with M&Ms is you can never buy only the green ones, and then if you're eating them in a movie theatre or something, you can't see the colours and save the green ones. :) Don't ask why I collect green M&Ms... I just saw the M&M ad once about a screwed-up M&M who had a fetish for collecting green M&Ms and thought it was funny and that I was going to do that. Pretty sad, really.

I got my iPod in the mail! It is so cool. It's tiny. Smaller than my cellphone, and about as thin as a floppy disk. It's amazing. I've had so much fun putting music on there and making playlists. I borrowed my sister's collection of Flanders and Swann CDs and even put them on there (British comedians from about the 50s or 60s who are hilarious--I have grown up listening to records of them). How very exciting.

I'm feeling a lot better at the moment. For one thing I'm going to be quite busy this week, looking after my nephews, playing background music at an outdoor performance of a Shakespeare play every evening for a week and a half from Wednesday, working at the uni Orientation week for Metroinfo (wearing orange overalls, handing out oranges, to publicise the orange bus called the Metrostar... sighhh... but we get paid to look stupid so I'm going to swallow my pride!), going out to Ashburton with some friends to visit a friend who is there on placement for her Medical Imaging training... and so on.

For another thing, a whole lot of the pressure has been taken off because I've talked to Annette, one of the leading team of my university Christian group, Navs, and have decided not to be a leader of a small group this year after all. I've agreed to do a whole lot of stuff with my church (kid's club leader, youth group, girl's Sunday a/noon Bible study) this year, and without realising it, become way too busy and committed myself to too many things. Then there's music on Tuesday nights, helping with reading at Rowley Primary School, and two nights a week I have classes at university, which drastically cuts down any time I have available. I'd also quite like to join a choir. :S So yeah. Way too much pressure. Can't cope with it right now. Also can't summon up enough energy to try and make new friends etc so would be terrible as a Navs leader.


Patty said...

I thought I was busy. Good luck with all the pressure.

Green M&M's! :) I don't eat chocolate, though. I don't think it's weird. It is funny. Makes a very nice photo. I thought they were peas at first.

Ever gonna eat those things or just collect 'em? I would collect blue M&M's. I love blue.

ellesappelle said...

Ha, yes well, I'm a sucker for chocolate, so every now and then I do eat an M&M! But I've actually been very restrained :)

The good thing is I put them in a jar that used to hold either minced garlic or ginger... it gives the M&Ms a slightly odd taste, so I don't eat as many as I might!

Vicki said...

I LOVE flanders and swann! we ahve the whole set of them! so good......