Sunday, February 26, 2006

wading through email archives

.... and I found: This. An email someone sent me, asking for my hand in marriage, after I put an ad up for a penpal on a Christian Pen Pals site a few years ago. I feel a little mean laughing at it but really... it's so funny :)

Hello My name is S*****, is my pleasure to write you, hope your having aGoodtime in the lord because by his grace we are saved. I just came acrossYourad and decided to writte you. Am a Nigerian, a born-again Christian.ILivein L****, Nigeria. Am 5.9 feet height,Faircomplexion.Actually I want an intimate relationship that will bring about aMeaning and purpose. am looking for a Gog-fearing girl who would lovemeas much as i will do. recently, i was under illusion that someone i foundwas loving me the way i do to her but unfortunately, she didn\'t and ihad to quit.but this time now, i want to get that special someone for me who wouldhave that same ideasand visions with me to make it in life. i need a faithful, caring, lovingkind, responsibleand respectful girl that would come in and make my life meaningful doesn\'t matter to me where you come from, as long as you are a bornagain chritian who haveexperienced Jesus and take him as your personal lord and saviour. it\'sno difference to me as tochoosing someone in your country.\'well\', it will be better off to say that love doesn\'t discriminate raciallyor one need not question or doubt my sincerity as to how come am i wantto marry someonei have not seen.\'well\', i think this a long letter, but is from the bottom of my if you think you could find me interesting, reliable and sincere asto being yourwould-be life-partner in the lord, please write and let me know. bye!God and bless you.>From a penpalS*****.


Patty said...

Did you reply? :D

ellesappelle said...

:D Er, no, I did not! I almost felt sorry for him and replied because he wrote it "from the bottom of his heart" but then considered that I didn't want him to know my email address and I didn't want to marry him... so yeah. I was once also asked to marry a taxi driver in the States who had just emigrated from somewhere in Africa. I was about 12, I think, and my parents were in the taxi--it was pretty funny!

Fraser Dron said...

Hi! I followed your link from AJ's Blog. Some interesting posts here. I have to confess, I'm perplexed that someone would find herself having to cut essays down to size; in second-year LING I struggled to meet the minimum word limits! I think the main reason I kept going to class was to hear Kon Kuiper's snarky anecdotes.