Friday, February 24, 2006

I have been shopping!!!

Ah, the joys of shopping. To explain: I am not good with money, but lately I have been trying really hard (iPod purchase was a minor glitch), and I promised myself that once I got to a certain point, I could buy myself some much-needed clothes. I have now reached that point! Yay! So today I went to the mall with a friend in tow to advise me, because I planned to buy some good sunglasses and I think it's wise to consult someone else when buying things like that.

I got my sunglasses, and this is me (above), trying them on for the camera so I can see what they look like! Now you know what I look like. Scary.

I also got a really cool t-shirt. How happy this makes me. There's really nothing like the successful pursuit of materialism, is there? Ugh. Now I'm going to start feeling guilty.

Patty, I'm glad you like my assignment! Let's hope everyone else does too. I will definitely let you know how it goes. I too haven't been watching or reading the news much lately. The debate over those cartoons that were offensive to Muslims really intrigued me so I did follow that a bit, I admit, but I used to watch the TV news every night, and religiously read the newspaper. But at some point you become tired of the "news". Which are never really new, anyway; it seems like it's just bad news repeating itself all the time now.

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Patty said... :)

Once I saw this cool 3/4 sleeve shirt in a magazine. I showed it to my mom & made her promise if I ever see this shirt that she would buy it for me. Well, we happened to be shopping at a mall out of town & I'd completely forgotten about that shirt. I was in Wet Seal while my mom went somewhere. She was late coming back & so I started looking again through the racks of clothes. And that's when I saw it-the shirt from the magazine! I was very surprised & of course my mom ended up buying it for me.