Friday, February 17, 2006


I got a letter from my sponsored child from Uganda today!--well, actually from his brother because he's too young to write yet, but it was still very exciting. Now I know they actually got my last letter as well, because I suspect the earlier ones went missing in the post. Besides the letter, last time I sent him some stickers, of cars and boats and so on, and the letter was sent back to me with a few of them stuck on it. He sounds very cute, he's almost five.

This is the letter:
'On behalf of Ogwal Isaac and the whole family, I would like to appreciate so much for you love for him in Ogwal Isaac is fine and in good health. He received your wonderful cards and stickers. He likes them so much. Ogwal likes music so much. He is always dancing music from the radio station. He was glad to hear that you also celebrating Christmas as a family. We do celebrate too. In Uganda here and Africa at large Christmas, Easter, New Year and Independence Day are always that people celebrate most. They sit as a family together with neighbours to eat, drink, and dance for over 20 days. Thanks a lot for helping Ogwal Isaac always.
Yours Ayita John his brother.'

My sister says that sponsored children are just a way charities attract donations, and it's not like your money is going only to your child--it's going into a big pool (not that she doesn't think it's great). I think it's such a fantastic idea because you get to see how you're helping people on a really personal level. It must be also really nice for the child and his/her family, to get letters and presents and sometimes visits from people overseas.

Aww.. I want another one!

(By the way, isn't this sunflower cool? We've got these fantastic 'black' ones in our garden and they are so striking.)

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