Tuesday, February 14, 2006

sigh, no photos

I missed three great photos today. Not necessarily all technically or aesthetically amazing, but good (or bad?) memory photos nonetheless.

Firstly, I worked seven hours for the bus information stall at the university Orientation week - yup, handing out oranges in the most unattractive orange overalls ever known to man. Actually that was only half an hour until my boss decided they were too hot to work in. (Hot in the temperature sense, just in case you were confused.) Mostly it involved going up to people with a beaming face that radiated no-I'm-not-at-all-embarrassed-isn't-this-fun?, saying in a goofy voice, "Hiiii!!!! Do you know the name of the orange bus that comes through uni???", telling them the name of the orange bus, and handing them an orange in reward--which 2/3 of the people we spoke to didn't really want. Even after the ugly overalls came off, it was still rather embarrassing because you'd ask people as they waited in their queue, "Hi! Would you like an orange?" --as one girl said after doing a double take, not a question one is asked everyday. Most just looked at you as if you were mad; some allowed you to explain that you were publicising an orange bus. To be fair, they were nice oranges. No pips, nice and sweet. But I really regret not getting a photo of me in my disgusting orange PVC thing. I have to see the funny side now.

Secondly, my friend (who was also working there) and I happened to see a couple of guys called Mitch and Matt who were in our Navs small group last year. They happen to be very funny, very outgoing and energetic, slightly shameless, and very good friends with each other. The sort of people who are popular anywhere they go. However, the funniest event of our entire year as a small group was something they did when they were being totally serious. Mitch got a date with a nice girl, so Matt decided he wanted to find a future wife. :D They thought about how to go about this, and decided they would go to uni the next day and talk to heaps of different girls, in hopes of finding a girl who was a) hot, b) Christian, c) a possible future wife for Matt, and d) willing to go on a double date with him and Mitch. They shyly and tentatively put this forward as a prayer request at our small group that evening and we, instead of being encouraging, prayerful and uplifting, collapsed into tears and screams of laughter while they sat there feeling slightly hurt. There was something irresistably amusing about imagining Matt and Mitch trying to chat up all these hot girls and somehow subtly bringing Christianity and marriage into the conversation before they'd even got their phone number. We suggested they make a booth labelled 'We are lonely and need friends'... basically you really had to be there, and know Mitch and Matt, but it was one of the funniest things I have ever experienced.

Well, today, when Katie and I came outside after finishing work, we saw Matt and Mitch standing behind a booth, wearing the same clothes, with Matt wearing a wig like Mitch's dreadlocks. The booth was labelled : "Lonely Hearts on Valentine's Day--Kissing Booth."

I am happy to say this was a joke this time. But it was just so so so so funny and I wish I had had my camera with me and had been able to take a picture of them behind it, if only to show the rest of our small group.

Thirdly, I was driving home from babysitting about twenty minutes ago (it is now about 11pm and I am stuffed after a very long day) and there was a full moon surrounded by all these mysterious misty clouds and it was beautiful. I don't think my camera would have been able to handle the darkness but I wish I had had it there just to try.

So my lesson has been learnt and I will now take my camera with me most places, I think. Even if I don't think there will be any good opportunities.

By the way, my five-year-old nephew told me I'm pretty yesterday. :) Awww. Big Brownie points for him.

Patty, thanks for your sympathy. I don't want it to seem like I'm fishing for sympathy on my blog but I don't want to not talk about what's going on in my life either, and I do really appreciate sympathy when it comes. :) So yeah, thanks.


Vicki said...

Hey Allie! well, i NEARLY bout a stamp to new zealand fo your letter yesterday but didnt because the queue at the post office was approximatly a mile long. sorry! I ahve a fantastic image of you in your orange overalls! (vicki falls about laughing!)
Have a good day x

Hannah said...

Hey Allie,
Hannah here!! Just read about Matt and Mitch - I am so absolutely gutted that I didn't go to uni yesterday - that would've been the funniest thing to see!! : )
I'll hgave to catch up with you some time!! : )

ellesappelle said...

hi Hannah!!
So good to hear from you, it's exciting we'll all be back at Navs soon. We should definitely catch up sometime, give me a text when you're free okay?
luv Allie