Tuesday, May 23, 2006

flat whites are the best coffee ever

I was shocked recently to learn, via blog comments, that Patty doesn't know what a flat white is!!!!!!!!!! And then I remembered that when my brother travelled round the States, he couldn't find a flat white anywhere. I feel very sad for you, Patty. :) A flat white is a coffee. It's got more expresso in it than a capuccino, but depending where you go, it can be very strong or only moderately strong. I like mine strong.

I had a lovely weekend in Hanmer with seven of us from my small group. The pools were wonderful, as usual, but we also got fantastic weather. It's really pretty there in autumn; it all looks very alpine. On Saturday, Amy (one of the leaders) and I went shopping while the others played mini golf, and the boys did some mountain biking. Then in the evening we went to the pools, and watched the end of the Super 14 semi-finals at the pub across the road (yay, the Crusaders won! Finals in Christchurch!). Sunday we just hung around and talked and went for walks and so on, which was also nice.

Had my Linguistics test today. Would have gone okay had I had time to finish the last question; isn't that just so annoying?! I think I'll still get a good mark but an excellent one - nope.

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Patty said...

haha :) in the context you used it in, i figured it was some type of drink and since you were in a cafe, i probably could've guessed, but the fact that i don't drink any coffee and i haven't heard anyone talk in extent about having a flat white, well.....anyway, thanks for explaining. :)

i did look it up just now: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flat_white

Glad you had a fun weekend.

What was the last question?