Thursday, May 04, 2006

hmmm... yes

At Navs on Tuesday we found out that a girl in the group has just got engaged - so someone decided we should dress up some boys as brides using newspaper... Yeah. Tasteful to the extreme. At least the bottom photo isn't the one my group did. Agh. My group dressed the guy in the top photo (who WON!!); and for a dress made of newspaper, we think it actually looks quite elegant. :)

Do you know, I'm finding creative writing class very depressing at the moment. I got my mark back and although I never expected a good mark I still managed to be disappointed by it... sigh... but that's okay, I'm over it now. It's just that yesterday we had a workshop, and we had to critique three people's writing. One of them was just one of the most terrible things I've EVER read; I just can't describe it. I photocopied it before I gave it back to him just so I could keep a memento of how absurdly terrible it was. He actually managed to use the word 'somnambulistically'. But the teacher and several others in the class loved it, and got all these extremely profound things out of it! Go figure. I just feel, at the moment, like this class wants us to write a certain way - you know, very postmodern and unintelligible and plotless. I just want to write things that people take pleasure in reading.

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Patty said...

:D great photos & great work with the costume ya'll made!

I've never even heard of the word, somnambulistically! And if I have heard it, how the heck would I remember that? :) Must go look it up. :)