Thursday, May 25, 2006

I know I'm good

I have written a wonderful story on my other blog - if you want to see it in its original context, This Is The Link (or it's also a link on the index of this page). It is so beautiful I just had to share on here as well. :)

Allie sat in the corner of the crowded bar, strangely detached from the crowd of dancing people. She sighed and bemoaned her fate. "Oh, woe is me," she cried to herself. "Oh, misery! Oh, calamity!" She watched the dancers, whizzing by, brightly coloured and enjoying themselves, ignoring the dark blighted shadow in the corner that was Allie.

Just then, her eye was caught by a tall mysterious dark cloaked handsome man (who looked peculiarly like Mr Darcy or perhaps Aragorn) who had stopped dead in the door, staring at her amazing beauty.

"Oh, he sees me like no one else sees me!" she cried. "I'm in love!!!"

They ran into each other's arms, pushing aside all else, and stood kissing passionately in the middle of the room while the dancers pulsed around them. "Oh, my love!" cried Allie, her voice breaking. "You have saved me from a fate worse than death!"

He tucked a tendril of hair gently behind her ear and kissed her tenderly on the mouth. "I would save you from thousands of fates worse than death if only I could hear you say you loved me!"

They left the bar, walking on air, entwined in each other's loving arms. He bent down on one knee, surrounded by the lights and noises and smells of the city, and gazed pensively into her face. "My love, I don't even know your name, but will you marry me?"

"Yes, oh yes!" cried Allie in raptures of delight.

But just then a black car with evil gangster druglord people in it drove past and shot him. He was dead!!!! "Oh, woe is me! Oh, misery! Oh, calamity!" screamed Allie, and in her anguish promptly shot herself with the gun the evil gangster druglord people had conveniently dropped out of their car. She sprawled on the street, and a crowd slowly gathered. Their blood mingled as their hearts bled and their souls floated away - together at last... together forever.

Doesn't that just make you want to sob with anguish??

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Patty said...


i laughed when you said, Aragorn, though. and nice use of the word, calamity.