Monday, May 15, 2006


The novelty of winter has already disappeared. We have had pounding rain all Sunday and today, Monday, it's continuing, and it also happens to be freezing. Yuck. Winter was nice for a while, being able to use electric blankets and dress up all nice and snugly. Then I realised it's also wet and cold and miserable and that I don't have enough nice snugly winter clothes and no money to buy new ones. :( At least Christchurch is generally so dry that it can't continue like this forever... *crosses fingers*

I played in a concert yesterday, a fundraising one for the recorder ensemble I'm in. It went really well, I think. I also got to play in a smaller group of Renaissance recorders, and other old instruments like the shawm (old oboe), dulcian (old bassoon), and cornamuse (I don't think there's any modern instrument like the cornamuse, or crumhorn - suffice it to say that it sounds like a duck). So that was fun! I was quite stoked because my sister and her husband and two boys came along, and my dad, and two people from church. Usually even Dad can't come along. It's really nice when people take an interest in things that are important to you, if you know what I mean. Sometimes I feel like I know some of my friends' interests in sports etc inside out but they're not even aware I love music so much.

Photos: some more from Castle Hill, on my trip with my father. Note Dad's shtylish mustard coloured coat; he refuses to get a new one.

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Patty said...

I would've come to your concert if I could. Sounds interesting.

LOVE the photos!