Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I have spent an entire day at uni studying for my linguistics test and researching for my next history essay, on Gorbachev. (I find it fascinating thinking almost all this stuff I'm researching happened in my lifetime and I didn't know a thing about it at the time.) Now I am sick of that, and so am hanging around waiting the last couple of hours before my creative writing workshop at 6pm. Am nervous nervous nervous. I've written a story that is basically non-fiction with changed names, about what happened at the time of Mum's death. I'm not sure if it was just good therapy or if it's a good story as well. I'm unsure how I'll cope if they start criticising it or saying it's unrealistic or anything. Last time the teacher said she didn't think I knew my character well enough and why was I writing this? If she says that again I'll probably scream. :)


Patty said...

How did the critiquing go???

ellesappelle said...

Pretty good really!! The guy who always criticises me or tells me it's moralising and conservative told me this time that he'd change nothing and that it reads like a nine inch nail. :)