Thursday, May 25, 2006


I am swamped with work but feeling pretty good about life. How weird is that. Obviously I'm not happy that I have a test, an essay and a short story due in two weeks. Yet somehow I am thriving on busyness. I've been roped into being one of the new 'organisers' of youth group and suddenly find myself trying to start up a kids club as well but somehow I find it quite exciting.

I'm also enjoying the fact that I'm making a few non-school-related friends at uni. I actually see people around and say hi to them and even study with them or something now; would never have happened last year. The day before last, I actually sat down and had an hour-long conversation with a guy I've never really talked properly to before. Am I gaining more social skills or something? I used to be totally unaware how to meet people. I don't think I've gained much awareness but maybe everyone else is also sick of walking around uni alone without seeing anyone they know and has decided that desperate times call for desperate measures. :)

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Patty said...

:D desperate times, desperate measures...funny.

Did ya'll find anything interesting to discuss?