Monday, May 08, 2006

my computer is being repaired

Stupid laptops; they have to go and lose the screws holding them together... and then when I take them in to get the right size screws, they say there's actually a broken plastic bit inside which is why the screws fell out. Grr. It's the sort of thing that probably isn't under guarantee because Compaq can blame it all on me for dropping the computer or something (which I have NEVER done). So right now, no photos, because my laptop is unavailable and our home computer doesn't have a USB drive (it's oooold).

Interesting thought - remember the guy (let's call him Egbert) who said my writing was moralistic and conservative? The other day in a creative writing workshop we were all discussing some other guy's (Boris) piece of writing, and Egbert and I disagreed. Egbert thought the part of the story that was very socialist was very good - ie referring to the "hapless victim of humanity's progress huddled in a street corner" and people "conditioned by capitalism" and so on and so on - and I thought it was too political, a little preachy. This morning I realised that Boris's piece of writing was no different to mine if mine was moralistic; Egbert only called it moralistic because he didn't agree with me. Loser. :)

At church last night an old man stood up and started talking, and I noted down one thing he said: he referred to "angelic angels." :) Gosh, those angelic angels are so angelic compared to those human-y humans and demonic demons!


slskenyon said...

I've had plenty of writing disagreements with people--some of which I will never live down...;-).

Nice touch on the "angelic" angels.

Daffy said...

And don't forget catty cats and doggy dogs! :) Good to see you!