Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I am a studying machine

I am feeling rather efficient, useful and mechanical at the moment. It serves me right. I put off studying/researching for certain essays and tests and now I am paying for it. It was worth it, though, having that gloriously lazy holiday for two weeks... Luckily, I have tidied my desk so I can actually work at it; this is such a novelty that I actually am doing work.

If anyone who reads this is in the habit of studying for essays and taking copious notes, have you ever noticed there are a few key words that you find yourself writing again and again, and they change every essay? I don't mean words that are actually related to the essay topic, but random buzz words that all the historians who specialise in a certain subject seem to like. For me, this time around, it's words like determined.

Sorry, no photo today as the university computers are being temperamental. I'll try and add it on later tonight.


Sarah said...

I can't wait to study again. I was reading my NZ History course reader today because I miss it so much. Sigh...I'm still a nerd through and through.

ellesappelle said...

Sarah... that's extreme...! I have kept all my course readers but I have never voluntarily looked through them again! All the same, I'm a nerd on many other levels. Yay for nerdship!

By the way, I saw Karl today and he said you seem lovely and he'll definitely find some work for you soon. I didn't say you were thinking of saying no cos I wasn't sure where you are with that right now.