Sunday, September 24, 2006


Today in church we had a speaker who is the loudest man I have ever heard. It was very peculiar, it wasn't like he was some fire-and-brimstone speaker who shouts everything. He actually speaks everything at the volume someone else would shout, and when he gets excited about an important point his voice goes up, up in a crescendo until the crucial word exits his mouth like a torpedo. Definitely means you can't go to sleep in church. Luckily for me my ears were shielded slightly as I sit behind the piano but still it was rather awe-inspiring. He's actually a very interesting person - but what tends to stick with you is the memory of The Voice.

On the church notices today there was a quote from a little boy who thought the Lord's Prayer goes "Our Father who does art in heaven, Harold be your name. Amen." :D Kinda cute.


Sarah said...

LOL, thats hilerious. I want to meet that kid, it made me and Tim laugh.

Patty said...

i got an email with that boy's quote some time ago. :)

funny post. :D

Very nice graffiti pictures!