Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I think that the better I get at writing, the less able I am to do it. Whenever I get an idea now, it's not long before I realise how corny it would be - or, even worse, I forget it because it was about 1am and I can't be bothered getting out of bed and writing it down. I've always thought that one day The Idea or The Character would come along, would just arrive in my head and voila! Everything would be easy. Perhaps it will but I doubt it. I've come to the conclusion that everything you love doing is hard, hard work - because you love it so much, you want it to be the best and you're not happy with okay, whether it's writing, music, photography, sports, painting, etc etc. So even if you get a great idea, it's not going to realise itself automatically. Most of the work will be done by you. Ugh. How depressing. There's a quote I've heard somewhere that goes something like this: Writing is easy. All you have to do is go over to the typewriter and open a vein.


Stacy said...

This is why I am considering switching from writing to photography. Photographs never require brainstorming or outlining.

ellesappelle said...

Exactly. I always wish I could just be overly talented and become a concert pianist... but then I remember how much practice they have to do and I shudder.

Patty said...

oh, love the white they are only on one side and the contrast they create with the grass and the little bit-o-sky in the top!

i love my english class. i find it challenging and i like that. i fear, though, i will despise writing later on when i get harder english classes and have to do research and that sorta thing. mabey not though, maybe only at certain times will i wish never to write another word.

once i get a starting sentence, it usually comes a lot easier. i hate not being able to think of an opening sentence until the day before an essay is due! :)

you're right-i am very critical about my photography(saying to myself, "that's not good enough to put on my site") and writing. i have given up capitalizing at times and getting punctuation correct on my blog comments, but i usually have to look up words all the time to make sure i'm spelling them correctly and i sometimes overread my writing way to much until i can't even understand what i wrote and i put way too much thought into it at times, unnecessarily. i hate trying to be a perfectionist.