Monday, September 25, 2006


Congratulate me - I have just cut 1200 words off an essay. I feel like I can do anything now.


Patty said...

i thought the silverness of the tree was cool, then i realized it was because of the white buds. beautiful scenery and photos!

How many words are left in your essay?

I would love to have a large maximum number, but for my english class of 40 or so people and the teacher has another teaching job as well, she has to put a limit of 500, but I asked her after class and she said 550 is okay, but I'm going to try to keep it at 500, although with my writing, i could go on forever and 500 words is not enough to go into detail which is challenging for me so I like the that-the challenge of keeping it short.

p.s. what is your essay about?

ellesappelle said...

Our word limit is: somewhere between 2000 and 2500. This is the most words I've ever been allowed to write for history essays but somehow I always go over. But luckily I managed to get it down to 2470 :)

My essay's on the British appeasement policy of the 1930s - "to what extent would you accept the view that the appeasers were 'guilty men'?"

My lecturer is incredible for this, he lets us write these longer than average (for second year) essays, and he marks the whole 70, and writes a whole PAGE of comments, and he's such a busy person I really can't understand why! But I'm not complaining!