Thursday, September 28, 2006

intellectuals + Christians

Forget-me-nots in flower under the trees by the little Anglican church.
The trees on the edge of the graveyard.

Today I went to see my history lecturer (my favourite lecturer), who also happens to be in charge of the History Honours programme at my university, as I want to find out everything about doing Honours, which I want to do in 2008. Well, all that sounds great, though a lot of work, but somehow we got talking about other things and it turns out he's a Christian. Then we talked about novels! It was so nice. I'm not quite sure why but yesterday I was feeling a bit upset and sick of life in general - not in a suicidal way or anything, just thinking about stuff. This was possibly because another lecturer made a comment in a lecture that made me feel a bit under attack. I know I should probably not react this way and usually I manage just fine, but for some reason, by yesterday, I had just had enough of being attacked for a while. I don't know how people cope who are being really and truly persecuted every day. I just get sick of insinuations that people who have faith in something higher than themselves are not intellectual enough, or are slightly deluded.

So it was so lovely to find out that someone I really respect as an intellectual, as a lecturer, and as a person in general is a Christian too. Funny how things like this can really cheer one up.

We also got to compare Pig Latin dialects in Linguistics, which could account slightly for the improved mood... :)

Photos: went for a wander yesterday in the domain near my house. Spring is a really beautiful time of year. I don't want it to end.


Manuel Tendero Gil said...

hola estupendas fotos un saludo

ellesappelle said...


Patty said...

hey, does that building say 'coffee' in the first image? :)

neat how you end up getting to know people and finding out the things you have in common.

what exactly did the lecturer say?

this is one reason why my brother and sister are planning to go to a Christian college. Me, I'd rather keep going to the college here, five minutes from my house. it's cheaper and more convenient. besides, i haven't had any problems with any teachers/students saying anything and even if they did, I can deal with it. if i felt bothered enough, i'd probably end up writing about it on my site. my siblings are role models for sure-they've never had the sordid past that i have to live with and remember. my brother is such a gentleman-he'll go out of the way to open doors for you, he'll even get in the back of the car, letting you have the front seat. he is not like any teenage guy i knew when i was a teenager.

ellesappelle said...

Yes, the building does say "coffee"!

I can't exactly remember what the lecturer said now... hmmm... can't have been that offensive!

Generally I have no problem with people saying stuff I can't agree with as lecturers; I don't feel like I have to agree with them because they're lecturers or anything. It probably isn't a bad thing to be exposed to this very minor sort of stuff; it's definitely made me a lot more confident in my beliefs to be at a place that isn't necessarily religious-belief-friendly. For some people, it works the other way. Just sometimes, I get a bit depressed by constantly being around people who disagree with you about some pretty important stuff, so it's nice when you meet the occasional person who is unexpectedly a Christian.