Sunday, October 01, 2006


Sarah at Le Cafe.

I am so full. We have just had our annual White Sunday service at church, which is a Samoan thing where the kids dress up in white and do performances. We happen to have quite a few Samoans at our church so it's become a regular yearly thing. Then there's a huge potluck meal afterwards and I ate so much. Oog.

Photos: I went and met my friend Sarah in town yesterday. We had a picnic in the Botanic Gardens and a coffee at the Art Centre, we went wandering round the museum and then around Whitcoulls (a biggish book shop). It was great!


Stacy said...

Sounds like fun, and those are cute pictures. What's the building? The museum?

ellesappelle said...

No, I think it's buildings for a boy's school called Christ's College that's been in Christchurch pretty much ever since Christchurch existed. The building my friend is sitting by, however, is at the Art Centre which is where the museum is.

Patty said...

happy smiles all around! cozy looking building/area in the first photo! funny title :) sounds like ya'll had a nice time. is the Botanic Gardens a pretty place?

ellesappelle said...

Yeah, the Botanic Gardens are lovely, especially at this time of year (spring for us). They're part of a bigger area called Hagley Park which I guess is like the Christchurch equivalent of Central park in New York!