Sunday, October 08, 2006


Our church went with two other churches to this camp near the beach about half an hour north of Christchurch today. It was quite nice really; we used to go to this particular camp every year for a whole weekend but we haven't done it for a while. I used to love going on church camp when I was a kid. There are heaps of cool things to do there like archery, a waterslide, trampolines, go-carts, a shooting range, mini-golf, a beach volleyball court, etc etc, and, as already said, it's close to a really nice beach. So we had a church service in the morning and then just spent the rest of the day using the facilities.

I found it slightly annoying, though: my two girl friends there who are the same age as me were totally boring, just sitting down the whole time and talking about how they couldn't wait till they could leave and complaining that there was no cellphone reception. I ended up hanging out with my friends from church who are a bit younger (ie still at high school), and we had a fantastic volleyball game and did some archery and stuff like that; it was great. It's an absolutely beautiful day today and it was so nice just to be outside doing fun stuff. I don't get it. Why do people get too cool or too old to do fun stuff? They were complaining about how boring it was, yet they were just sitting there doing nothing.

If this had happened in the past, I would have started worrying about how uncool I am, but now I've got to the point where I just can't be bothered even trying to enthuse people who don't want to be enthused. I don't want to waste my day sitting watching other people have fun. Am I immature?

Photo: from a while ago now, if you remember the last photos of steam trains.


Patty said...

How sad-that they couldn't see the fun awaiting them if only they embraced it! Do these 2 girls read your blog? I can't stand people who depend incredibly on their stupid cell phones. I have one and all I use it for is to call people for important things-like last week, I called a girl in my algebra class to get the homework problems from her and I haven't even used it since. I enjoy talking to people face to face. Of course there are times when I can't see people personally, like my distant grandparents, but that's different.

No, you're not immature! I am 22 and I still feel 16ish. I can have fun with the least amount of things. Why sit there moping when you can at least walk around and try things-if you end up not liking them, you can still be positive and happy that you're in a relaxing atmosphere. you described so many activities there at the camp! Why on earth did they sit around complaining? How dumb! They are trying to act cool and important, like they can't play because they have so many friends waiting/counting on them to be talked to whenever the reception gets better. That is the stupidest excuse I've ever heard! Why this dependancy on cell phones? It irritates me beyond measure! Even though I may not be great at volleyball, I would've participated, at least given it a shot or at the very least cheered people on. I would've hung out with you. did you say anything to these dull friends of they know how you feel? how lame.

if this occurs again-just ignore them, have your own fun, and if you happen to see them, go talk to them, but the second they complain, walk away and go have more fun!!! smile and don't give their negative attitudes a second thought! :)

love the train coming at me in the picture!

ellesappelle said...

I'm pretty sure (and I hope very much) that they don't read my blog! I'd feel very bad if so. I just needed an outlet for my frustration I think.

I use my cellphone for texting mainly, about a couple of times a day or more if I'm suddenly popular. :) But I have no trouble not checking it for hours.

I did basically ignore them. Which made me feel a little bad because they are my friends. We just seemed to have nothing to talk about yesterday.

lails said...

You're not immature!! they are. goshh. if they dont want to have fun, just leave them to be bored, dont let them drag u down.