Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I seem to find a lot of things funny that other people don't get. Have I got a stupid sense of humour? Please be honest. Here are some examples from the last couple of days:

Today at music I was almost in fits of laughter because our conducter said that someone who was at a music festival he went to was quite a high flyer in the early music world. No one could figure out why I found that so funny. I will therefore explain myself. Early music (eg Renaissance or before) hasn't exactly got a large following like classical or pop music does. The idea that you could have "high flyers" in such an eccentric and tiny world was, to me, irresistably funny.

In church on Sunday, the man who starts the service managed to say:
1) that 'authoterrorism' is springing up all over the world. I still haven't figured out whether he meant authoritarianism or terrorism.
2) that God 'spurns us on'. No one else noticed this. He obviously meant 'spurs us on', but didn't realise that 'spurns us on' would mean God rejects us.

Reading this over, I think I must come across as a very finickity person. I'm not sure I should push the 'publish post' button.

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Lails said...

i'm very amused.
im even more amused by the fact that there have been no comments yet, how ironic i should leave it like that just for a laugh.. nahh im not that mean.
no, you most definitely do not have a stupid sense of humour.
Blogspot lets people post comments without having an account or ID or anything? thats just cool. why wont Xanga or Myspace do that?!