Friday, October 13, 2006

le semester est fini

I apologise for the attempt at French which I am not certain is correct. Lately I have been wondering what the point of five years of high school French was if I allow myself to forget it all now. So I plan to make an effort to somehow improve/regain my French skills over the next year. I suppose it could be a new year's resolution, but in October.

Today was the last day of the semester - a very weird feeling. I am now 2/3 through my degree, unless I do Honours, which means I am now halfway through. Surprisingly, I am not worried about exams at all. I'm sure it will come. But all three seem to be pretty straightforward and we know almost exactly what to study and in how much depth - a nice change. I have one on the 24th and two on the 28th of October - all over by my birthday, which is always nice. My friend Katie and I celebrated the end of semester by going to the movies. We saw John Tucker Must Die. Honestly, I don't care if it's a no-brainer, predictable chick flick; it was fun and nice.

Photo: this is the first I've attempted that looks anything like this. So although it's not super-successful, I thought I'd put it on here anyway for the sake of posterity.

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Patty said...

although the grass is more in focus than the flower, that's a great angle and attempt! i've never taken a photo like this, so you are ahead of me! i like the tree in the background. i will try this sometime and let you know how it comes out and of course credit you with the idea.

i can understand the french title, simply because it's similar to english, but if you got it wrong, i'd never know! just let me think you are a smarty-french-pants. the language i've studied most is, German, but i'm nowhere near fluent yet.

good luck on the exams.