Saturday, October 14, 2006

i love summer

Sarah's dog Molly frolicking in the ocean. (Ha, I love the word 'frolicking'.)
Some boys whitebaiting.

Today I spent the day with my friend Sarah who lives up the coast a bit at Waikuku Beach. It's hot and sunny and beautiful, and I love to be by the sea when it's hot and sunny and beautiful. She also has a very cool dog called Molly who went walking with us. There were quite a few people whitebaiting in the estuary and all in all it felt like it should be December at least, not October. The only difference: the water is still much too cold to go swimming, unless you're crazy. I can't wait for deepest darkest summer when I can go swimming in the sea without freezing to death.

Who else hates whitebait? My dad keeps buying whitebait patties from the fish and chip shop, and I can't stand them. It feels like you're eating little foetuses; you can see them, the little organisms in the patties, and you can see their eyes and you eat them whole. It weirds me out.

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Patty said...

I don't eat anything from a pig or cow. I do eat: chicken, turkey, catfish, and some other fish. no eyeballs for me, no thank you! :)

frolicking is a word that can be smoothly spoken. rolls off one's tongue.

Molly is a nice name-love that tail sticking straight up. Was just listening to the Metallica song, Whiskey In The Jar, with the lyrics-"Molly's chamber". funny timing.