Friday, May 11, 2007

bureaucracy is oppressive

I would like to add some more rules to my imminent tyrannical dictatorship.

1) Anyone who has at any time devised policy for Studylink, that oppressor of the hard-working student-proletariat, is off to the gulag. As soon as I am in power, a task force will immediately investigate the farce that is my student allowance woes of the last week. Those who forgot to tell me that I needed to prove my income, those who gave me a day to make my boss write me a letter, those who then ignored the letter and didn't pay me my money - they're all off to the gulag, for obviously trying to subvert the course of the revolution.

2) Small children who don't pay attention to their tutors will spend an hour every day copying out the words, "I must treat my tutor as I would treat the supreme leader of this great and glorious nation."

Thank you.


LEstes65 said...

I may have to borrow #2 and exchange "my mommy" for "my tutor".

Trish Ryan said...

Hee...I think you'll make a fine dictator (um, I mean, Supreme Leader)

Stacy said...

You are a just and wise ruler. Out of curiosity, what is a student allowance?

ellesappelle said...

Lynette: I am perfectly willing to make a rule for that too! You'll just have to move to Allieland when I take over.

Trish: Why, thank you!

Stacy: A student allowance is weekly payments some NZ students are entitled to from the government (and we don't have to pay it back), if their parents don't earn over a certain amount, and they themselves aren't earning over $180 a week. I'm actually very lucky to have it, but because my wage has been changing every week, they've been making me prove my income way too many times this year, and it's getting very tiring.