Wednesday, May 16, 2007

more meme

Three cheers for Sarakastic, who has created another DIY meme! This one has the added distinction of having, apparently, the most abrupt ending ever. It's also exciting because it's like a chain letter where a question gets added on every time. I don't know about everyone else, but I used to religiously post off chain letters to eight people every time I got one, and waited in vain for the replies/gifts they were meant to send back. Anyway! Here is Sara's meme, unedited and uncensored (I think things always sound more rebellious when you say that):

1. If you could travel back in time & kick anyone, who would it be & why?
President Woodrow Wilson. This may seem quite a random choice, but given my immersion over the last year or so in the history of the world wars, it's actually kind of relevant for me. If Wilson hadn't gone all hippy in 1918 with his Fourteen Points about how everyone should hold hands in peace and be compassionate and be fair to nationalities and not embittered, a whole lot of expectations would not have been raised (which, incidentally, he never meant or could have been able to fulfil), the Treaty of Versailles may not have been such a shock to Germany, and Hitler may not have come to power - although, of course, that's all speculation, hindsight is 20/20, etc etc. He also should have persuaded the US Senate to actually support the Treaty they had been a major part of making and weakening, as then it could actually have been workable. In my opinion. Can I kick them as well? [For more info on the basics see the Wikipedia page]

Of course, it may make more sense to travel back in time and kick Hitler. I just doubt that would make much difference to an egotistical evil sadistic maniac who would probably just have me shot/hung/tortured/gassed anyway. But it would have been immensely satisfying.

2. When people mistake your name for another name, what is it?
I'm Alison, usually Allie, in reality - but there's a woman at my church who persists in calling me Alice, even though I've told her a million times that it's not my name. One time I did get a popstar to sign my diary, and when he spelt my name, he wrote 'Illie'. Which is a bit weird.

3. If you could add any question to this Meme what would it be?
What would you never sue someone for? (Just because I can't think of anything poignant or amusing to ask, and I'm actually interested.)

In other news, my friend Sarah and I have finally met up with our old school friend Hayley whom I mentioned a few blog posts ago for coffee tonight. We were so nervous, but from the moment we met her again it was just like old times - except we're all five years older - and there was no awkwardness whatsoever. It was really, really nice. Hooray!


Sarakastic said...

ha love it. You have done the meme justice. btw I must have mixed up the book meme because I did finish Anna Karenina by Tolstoy & now know more about Russian farming in the 1800's than any one person should.

Stacy said...

Woodrow Wilson? He he. I still have to do this meme. Great answers, Illie!

LEstes65 said...

I like your answer to #1. My 6 yr old wants to build a time machine so he can see dinosaurs. I'll make sure to alert you when he's done.

What would I never sue someone for? I think I would have to say, it would have to be something REALLY important for me to even think of suing. Even if I would win. I'm painfully aware right now how, even if you're in the right and will win, you will spend most of your life savings to see it to completion. And for most of us that aren't billionaires, that stops us cold in our tracks. At least, that's what's stopping me from dragging my current situation into court - even though the satisfaction of watching him walk away with only the shirt on his back is tempting...

Trish Ryan said...

After your explanation, I'm with you - let's kick Woodrow's $%##!

My career as a laywer makes it pretty unlikely I'd ever sue anyone. Legal proceedings are a LONG, DULL way to spend a day.

Bonsai said...

i'm with the other two, sueing isnt really worth it.. unless you're American.
yay for seeing Hayley!! haha, i love it when you're nervous about something, then it happens and you're like wow what was i nervous about??