Friday, May 18, 2007

life is pretty good

I was going to write 'good', but then realised there are downsides, so here are the pros and cons:

Life is good
- because I had two essays due next Friday (as well as one on Tuesday) that were not going to write themselves, and they have both been extended a week! Without any bribes to lecturers.
- because I have successfully learnt to cynically manipulate the English essay (oh the cleverness of me). I handed in an essay on Henrik Ibsen that I didn't agree with at all and that I thought was banal, but wrote what I knew would get an okay mark, and I actually got a very good mark!
- because the history essay that I thought was going to take me days and days to write is actually speeding ahead at about two hours a paragraph! Of course, it's terrible, but that's what editing's for.
- because the weather is nice.

Life is pretty ho-hum
- because I still actually have to write and edit the history essay.
- because I still actually have to write the two English essays that are now due June 1.
- because one of my best friends is in Vegas and is going to Cirque du Soleil tonight, has just been to Seattle, the Grand Canyon and elsewhere, and is off to California soon. Yes, if I were a nice person that would be in the 'life is good' column, but I'm not a nice person. I'm selfish and jealous.
- because I'm selfish and jealous. (Because that deserves a whole bullet point.)
- because I just had a lecture in which the lecturer asked questions like, 'so why don't we all just shoot ourselves?' and 'what is there to live for?'


LEstes65 said...

What a lovely lecture that must have been.

Life is good because you have a bunch of blogger wackos that think you're the BOMB!

Stacy said...

I agree with Lynette.

Did the lecturer at least offer to shoot him/herself first so the rest of you could make a more educated decision about the matter?

Trish Ryan said...

Hang in there! In another month, this will all be material for your writing - you know, in the scene where everyone is gathered at a cocktail party talking about how awful college was?

Sarakastic said...

Life is good because we have the sweet, if underused phrase, "ho-hum"

Bonsai said...

flip, what crazy lecturer was that?!! what subject. lol i agree with Stacy.