Monday, May 21, 2007

why four wheel drives are an unintelligent choice of car

[Disclaimer: Obviously, this title does not apply to you if you are a reader of this blog but have a four wheel drive.]

Not long ago, I was driving to work when I stopped for a red light - as you do - and as most children know from about the age of six months. But perhaps the owner of the ugly brown four wheel drive behind me had not yet tumbled upon this basic fact of driving? He (and of course it was a he) drove into the back of me, giving me a huge bump, and scaring the &*%# out of me.

Rule number one with Allie (and, I might add, with the police): if you are going to crash into her car and scare the &*%# out of her, it is only polite to pull over and apologise, give her insurance/contact details, and generally be a decent human being.

But no. I pulled over when the lights turned green, and CZQ243 sped away, not even condescending to look in my direction. Bastard. It seemed then that he had only hit the towbar. Now it turns out there's a dent. But even if it had done nothing, does anyone else second me in adding this man to my mental list of jerks?

(By the way, if I could, I would have made his license number, and the word 'police' flash, like those annoying pop-ups that tell you that you are the millionth visitor to a site and have won a billion dollars. If anyone knows the HTML for that, please let me know.)


Sarakastic said...

Check out this link to properly emphasize your anger, I wonder if I'm considered a spammer cause I'm leaving a link.

JenKneeBee said...

oh no! did you call the cops and report him?

Stacy said...

Oh, wow. I hope you reported him. He probably didn't stop because he was on the verge of having his license suspended . . . if it isn't already.


LEstes65 said...

I second all the "I hope you reported him" comments. He IS a jerk. A big red flashing jerk. And you just never know what else he's done. A cop friend of mine told me to always report things like this. Because it will allow the police to establish and/or track any kind of destructive pattern this idiot may have. You might be the straw that breaks the proverbial back and makes them go get him!

Stacy said...

I give you the letter "M." You know, for murdering moronic motorists.