Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a day in the life of allie

I've had one of those interesting up-and-down days. The details are as follows:

1) Last night I got home very late from Navs, sinking thankfully into bed, when fifteen minutes later, I heard a mouse run across my floor, squeaking. Now, I should probably explain that lately I have started verging on obsessive-compulsive behaviour about making sure my door is always shut, etc etc, so that no mice can get in - because if there is a mouse in our house, it is certain to end up in my room (see previous posts here and here on this topic) - and it's become more of a thing than it really should be. I had to go sleep in the spare room and obviously couldn't get to sleep for a long time, while I woke up extremely early this morning. As soon as Dad got up, I rushed out to tell him and ended up sitting down on the couch, bursting into tears, and crying for about twenty minutes because I hate mice so much and I was so tired. Agh.

2) In Canta, the university student magazine, this morning, this was one of the letters:
"Mike, I love you and I'll do anything for you." - Kathryn Salm, 2200 hrs, Thursday, 24th of May, 2007.

Haha! I love that he felt the need to document that.

3) I spent the entire morning trying to think up ways to make my minimal knowledge on the anti-Aristotelian techniques of Brecht take up even more words in a 3000-word essay due Friday. Actually, most of the time was spent groaning and trying to motivate myself. I hate the end of semester.

4) I went to see my history lecturer about possible Honours projects for next year, and I could do my Honours thesis on the Soviet gulag!!!! I could be even more knowledgeable about tyrannical dictatorships! Or, even cooler, I could look at Shostaskovich and Prokofiev and other cool composers and their relationships with the Soviet authorities.

5) I met up for coffee this afternoon with my very good friend Katie, who arrived back yesterday after studying at the University of British Columbia for five months. YAY! It's so good to see her again!

6) After meeting Katie, I went to a computer lab again, looked in my bag for my memory stick, only to find it... gone. *SCREAM* My entire morning's work was on there, plus my history presentation for tomorrow, plus all my creative writing and past essays. I spent about ten hysterical minutes hunting through my entire bag before finally checking my email in the almost exhausted hope that someone had found it - and thank God that there are nice people in the world, who took the time to check my memory stick for ownership details, and sent me an email. I'm so relieved.

So I feel now like my emotions are all over the place. I need to go buy myself a nice caramel slice and another coffee, I think. But I won't. Because I am saving. Sigghhh...


LEstes65 said...

Ok, first off - yes - Thank God for nice people who actually make the effort to return things. It is one of the truly wonderful things in life.

Second - Shostaskovich: I have quite a bit of his work - thanks to my future ex. When I first heard his music, I would say things like, "Should I just go get the razor blades NOW?" But after hearing how he had to rename some of his works just so the current tyrant wouldn't have him killed? I respected the tone of the music more. But it's really not anything I'd ever put on for a party.

JenKneeBee said...

goodness gracious! i'd almost forgotten how awful the end of semesters can truly be. with a mouse in your room on top of it all. yikes!

instead of another caramel slice and coffee, consider virtual bubble wrap popping:

I used to "pop" some all the time during super stressful times at school

Stacy said...

Yay that you got your memory stick back. That would've been a nightmare if no one found it/contacted you. You DEFINATELY need to do your thesis paper on the Soviet gulag!

Bonsai said...

hugs, i hate those stressfilled days. the only good thing about them is that they dont last lol.
well i s'pose they make you stronger.
but yay for seeing Katie!!!! tell her i say hi!! haha, i heard from her little sister's friend that she was comin back an im like what the. no one tells me anything! lol. but then im not exactly around alot. hmm wish i could be in 2 places at the same time.

Trish Ryan said...

So glad to hear you got your memory stick back - thank God for nice people!!!

And I suspect your mouse problem will disappear once you start talking in a loud voice about your research on the Soviet gulag. Just a thought.

ellesappelle said...

Lynette: That's interesting, I've never seen Shostakovich as razor-blade type music. I guess I haven't heard a huge amount of his stuff but now I feel I must expand my collection!

Jenkneebee: Thanks so much for the bubble wrap link! You're absolutely right, it's very calming.

Stacy, Trish: Yes, I'm extremely relieved I didn't lose my memory stick. I do have back-ups of most of the stuff on it but still, the thought of all my work out there in the world for randoms to plagiarise or laugh at... chilling.

Layling: I will pass on your hi to Katie :)