Thursday, November 30, 2006

before the concert

The stamp we each got to let us back into the front section if we went out to get food or use the disgusting Portaloos. We're special!!
Our little nook at the end of the stage.
Katie in the sheep-pen-like enclosures we had to line up in from 3:30-5pm
Our drunk friend Dan and a friend - the one who kept on telling us we were doing a "stellar job" and patting our backs. Obviously, he's taking part in Movember.

Katie and I - whose camera took all these photos. Thanks, Katie!

Here's the first lot of photos I'm posting from the U2 concert. Blogger only lets me post five at a time (unsure why) - so here's some from 3:30pm onwards on Friday as we waited for it to begin. These are not my photos but Katie's - thanks again Katie!

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