Saturday, November 04, 2006

my eyes are back!

Yay! I have a camera again. Basically it seemed that there was something wrong with the battery, which is of a rare type unavailable in NZ and the camera would have had to be sent to Japan to be fixed. So they offered us the same camera new, at a cheaper cost, and Dad ended up giving it to me as my birthday present! These photos I took yesterday on a walk to Halswell Quarry. The quarry was being mined from 1860-1990, but now it's a bit of a touristy or picnic or walking destination.

It is great being on holiday. I got five mystery stories out of the library today - I love good old-fashioned whodunnits. This morning three friends came round and we watched the latest movie version of Pride and Prejudice. There are aspects of it that I am beginning to be reconciled to. It's got a beautiful soundtrack, and great cinematography. Matthew Macfadyen is becoming a little easier on the eyes as I get used to him. All the same, I can't help but grit my teeth when they rush through some of the coolest scenes.

My dad's off to Australia and Malaysia to visit two of my siblings in less than two weeks. He's away for a month so basically every day he's been telling me something else I have to do while he's away - mow the lawns, wash and vacuum the floor, leave out the rubbish on the right days, turn on the garden hoses every now and then, put the right things into the right rubbish bins, etc etc... Ugh, he's going to have to write it all down. I'm inviting a couple of friends to stay while he's gone so it'll be fun, it'll be like flatting but without rent. :)

I found out yesterday that Americans pronounce 'route' so that it rhymes with 'flout' or 'gout'. The Great Vowel Shift of 1500-1700 affected the word 'route' in the States but not in Britain. Weird. No offence to the Americans reading this! Sometimes it's just that finding these sort of things out feels like the world is being turned upside down under your feet.

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