Thursday, November 09, 2006

how to: catch a man

I was on another website when I caught sight of these ads at the bottom:

Still No Proposal?
10 Secrets To Get Your Man
Positively Addicted To You For Life

Next Pope is John Paul II
Impersonated. Bible Prophecy Shows
He Will be Last Pope. Learn More

No Spouse-No Problem
Marriage and family therapists

I just thought these were great and had to share them. I love catchy slogans like "No Spouse? No problem!!" I also love the "World's Last Chance" website that reveals John Paul II as the Antichrist. Sigh... life would be so boring without the internet.

[Photo: a little girl whose family stayed at my house for a night while they were in NZ a little while ago. She and her little brother were very cute, although the little brother did projectile vomit all over our kitchen, I have to admit. I spent the evening playing with them; it was fun. The trumpet she is holding plays Mary Had a Little Lamb.]

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