Monday, November 06, 2006


Happy Guy Fawkes for yesterday. It's always seemed a rather bizarre holiday but all the same I love it. Some people from my church have a house up the hill and last night some of us went up there for fireworks. It got a bit windy to do them in the end, but we had this fantastic view of the whole city bubbling and exploding all over constantly with little ones, and then we could see across to Brighton Beach where the big fireworks were going off on the pier. You could even hear them booming.

The government, however, warned the country that if people didn't stop behaving irresponsibly with them this year they would ban the sale of fireworks in future years. Unfortunately there's been a record number of fires this week as a result of fireworks so it seems likely they will be banned. I like fireworks so much so it is very disappointing, but I have to admit that there are just too many people being totally stupid with them. When I was working at the local library, a few people chucked some fireworks into the returns box and absolutely ruined a large number of books, for example. Why do some idiots have to ruin everything for everyone else? Grrr.

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of jerks. Where is the joy in destroying books? :(