Monday, November 20, 2006


I cannot believe it's only FOUR sleeps to go. I've started asking myself questions like what am I going to wear, which makes it all seem scarily real. U2 is flying in to Auckland tomorrow, and I am flying up on Thursday afternoon. What if Bono pulled me or Katie (my friend) or Felicity (my sister) up on stage? What if I somehow got to go backstage? I haven't been dwelling on these questions that much actually because just the thought of seeing the concert is enough to make me squeal like a thirteen-year-old. It is exactly a year now, give a day or two, since I first got these tickets; so much has gone on since then but it feels so recent.

I will be disappointed if they don't play these songs:
- One Tree Hill (from The Joshua Tree; One Tree Hill is actually a place in Auckland, and one of their crew was killed in an accident near there, and so the song was brought out in NZ but nowhere else as a single)
- Where the Streets Have No Name (but they always play that so it's not as if I'm worried they won't)
- One (my favourite U2 song)

I would like them to play these songs, but I won't be crushed with sorrow if they don't:
- Bad
- All I Want is You
- Running to Standstill
- Desire
- Walk On
- The Fly

I would like them to play these, but I don't think they will:
- In a Little While
- Wake Up Dead Man
- Love is Blindness

Don't worry - I will give you a full rundown of how it goes when I get back. As if you could escape. It'll probably be a record-length blog entry.

I'm inviting some similarly obsessive U2-fan friends over on Wednesday night and we're going to have a big DVD-watching frenzy before we all head off to the concert - just in case I need to feel even more wound-up and overly excited!

In other news, I have been cheap-shoe-shopping today, and I got some really cool new slippers and some great sandals and about the first pair of sneakers I've bought in about three years. So exciting.

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Go ahead. Squeal. You know you want to.