Thursday, November 09, 2006


(Just because I'm feeling random today) - besides being the name of a very successful range of books of photography, milk is my favourite drink. I'm aware this might make me sound like I haven't gone through puberty yet - but I am not ashamed. Just like I'm not ashamed that I don't particularly like Charles Dickens and find his books very hard to read. I just love milk. It is the most refreshing drink ever. Which is why I find it particularly annoying when we buy some milk and it goes off very quickly. We suspect that the owner of the nearest dairy (NZ version of a corner store, where you spend all your pocket money on lollies at age 9) buys huge amounts of milk and leaves it out the back unchilled before he puts it in the shop in the refrigerators, meaning all his milk goes off well before the use-by date. In my opinion, this is gross misuse of milk.

Photo: I've been playing around on the computer with some photos, and this was quite an unexciting underexposed one. So I fiddled around with the exposure, and now I think it looks quite... interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I like the picture. Very pretty. I don't like milk. Chocolate milk, I enjoy, but the regular stuff? *shudder*