Sunday, November 05, 2006


I have just written a rejection email to someone, and it made me feel rather bad. When I write rejection emails I find myself coming over all formal and staid and cold, and I can't think of anything nice or comforting to say except blatant lies when I hated a story.

I think one of the scariest things is being rejected; at least, it is for me. Rejection always comes after having made yourself vulnerable in some way, which is scary enough in itself. The thing is, if anything interesting is ever going to happen in your life you have to expose yourself to the possibility of rejection. And in many ways that can become quite an exciting thing. At the same time, it's not just a matter of opening yourself up and then being rejected and it's all over. If that were the way it worked, there would be no Harry Potter, and imagine a world without Harry Potter - we would be infinitely poorer. :) No, there has to be a sort of tenacity in us if we want to get anywhere.

I'm sorry about this little spiel. I'm just feeling a bit confused about the future at the moment. As is everyone, I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

You're pretty diplomatic Allie, so don't worry so much about it. I think it is a good thing that you feel bad about the rejections; it makes you a better editor.