Saturday, March 11, 2006


I went to the beach last night with my church's youth group; it was really nice but because it's getting darker earlier now I didn't manage to get many good photos. I hate how my camera won't take photos after it gets to a certain level of light. It still seemed quite light, and the moon was out and shining really brightly over the pier--but no, the spirit of my camera was uncooperative. However, I quite like some of these. The middle one is just looking back from the beach towards the setting sun, and the two others are just from walking along the pier and taking photos with the flash off.


Patty said...

Do you have a tripod? Mine was about $20.

ellesappelle said...

No, I don't... do you think it's worth getting one? My camera isn't even that good. I'd really like to save up and get a digital SLR one day... but that will take a long time methinks.