Friday, March 31, 2006

stained glass

I just realised I forgot to tell you how my second creative writing class disembowelling went. Actually pretty well! Everyone was really positive about it (even the moralising-reactionary-conservative guy) but at the same time, there were heaps of really helpful suggestions/comments -- and I mean really helpful. It was fantastic. And our teacher, Claire, was so helpful in giving me the major problem and what the story is missing. It was nice, because it seemed like none of it was critical in that the story was bad; it seemed rather like she was suggesting this stuff because the story was really good and it just needed something more to make it great. Which made me happy! I think her main question was, does Allie really know this character inside-out? This really got me thinking, because in writing this story I feel like I know the character and understand them more than anything I've ever written before, so obviously I need to find a way to let the reader in on this also. (It's funny, actually, that I should feel like I know the character so well, because he's about seventy years old and a male!)

This photo I took about half an hour ago, at a cafe near my house. It's an old vicarage that's been turned into a cafe, and it's so pretty. Unfortunately I only managed to take one photo because the battery suddenly went flat, and I'm not as pleased with this as I could be. :P I really need to check that battery more often! But luckily it's the sort of photo I can always try and take another time.

Having done my Linguistics test (which went amazingly well--I hope!), I've started research for my first History essay of the year. I'm answering the question How successful were the social policies of the Bolsheviks between October 1917 and 1926? So that's basically their policies etc on women and the family, education and literacy, and health. It is possibly also nationalities issues but I'm not sure; I'm going to have to check with the lecturer. I was surprised because the questions don't seem that much harder than last year, but I guess we're expected to go more in depth, because we have to write 2500 words this year rather than 1500. (Yay! I felt like cutting all those words off my essays in first-year was like killing my baby... slowly.)


Patty said...

That's great about your creative writing class.

You need to start carrying more batteries. Do you only have one set? I have 4 sets & anytime 1 set needs recharging, I recharge them.

The photo is perfect...except for the bright white spot in the middle. Is that your flash? Was it dark in there? You can usually get a nice photo of stained glass when it's sunny out without using flash.

ellesappelle said...

Yes, batteries would be an extremely sensible idea. :)

Yup, that was my flash. Forgot to turn it off, and then the camera died so didn't get another chance. I also would have liked to try again from slightly another angle so as to see the wall through the uncoloured glass, not the stained glass. Well, there's always a next time!