Monday, March 06, 2006

find your inner squirrel

(Above: yes, I am a little over-excited about the U2 concert. This is my standard practise whenever I make pikelets, although in this case they were banana pikelets.)

You too can find your inner squirrel, at Squirrel Name Generator! For Allie, I am Colonel Drunkenpaws, which I didn't think was quite dignified enough, so I tried again with my full name (Alison G___ S____) and got Princess Von Bushy.

Hmm. I suppose you could never really expect to have a really dignified squirrel name. I have a feeling Princess Von Bushy is as good as it gets.

Random information: on the radio this morning they had a competition where you text in your fantasy in order to win a prize. I expect they were meaning fantasy as in sordid details but I thought about it and realised my fantasy has always been for New Zealand to have a national day of mourning when I die. :) I think everyone fantasises a little bit about their death, and how everyone will realise what a genius they were, and canonise them, but it will be TOO LATE.

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Patty said...

AWESOME photo!

I'll be cremated after I die & I hope everyone will have a party. I know they wouldn't, but it's what I'd want. I have a twisted sense of humor.

My fantasy is to win a million $, buy a camper/trailer thing, drive everywhere I can on this continent. Stop at campgrounds along the way to nowhere in particular. Take hundreds of photos a day, paint & just live simply, meeting tons of people & seeing amazing places. And flying to other countries, doing the same thing. That's my dream.