Thursday, March 09, 2006


Am so so so so SO upset. U2 have gone and postponed the rest of their tour. It was in ONE week, the concert I was going to, and I have been pretty delirious with excitement up till : NOW.
It's because of an illness in the immediate family of one of the band members. I'm trying to sympathise but it's really very hard right now. Do they realise the cost this is going to involve for hundreds of thousands of people? I'm probably going to lose my plane ticket and have to pay for another! Grrr. Flamingo. (Flamingo is my substitute swear word.)

It actually makes me quite angry. I mean, in 2001 they went ahead with the tour, on schedule, even though Bono's father DIED, for goodness' sake. I really hope they'll give us some more details or it'll be really hard to take. And I also really hope they give us the new dates very soon or it'll be impossible to change flight dates/times.

Me and a couple of friends are going to meet up tonight to have a crying party.

It just seems like EVERYTHING has gone wrong in buying these tickets. First, I bought them and had to sort out major issues because I used my brother's credit card and to pick the tickets up, I needed to be the credit card holder, and he lives in Malaysia. That took ages because they didn't reply to my emails. Then, I tried to arrange postage of the tickets and although I asked them to do this three times, it wasn't until the fourth time I rang that the ticket company actually posted them. Finally I thought nothing more could go wrong, and now THIS. Argh.


Okay, I am feeling a lot better about this all. My friend Jane and I met up for a coffee and discussed this rationally and decided it's very unlikely that they'll cancel TEN concerts entirely. And I realised the reason I'm taking this so badly is that it was just so close. If they had postponed it back in January it wouldn't have been such a big deal. So I just need to be patient.

And, the nice news is, Air New Zealand have promised to transfer U2 concert-goers plane tickets for free.

But not-so-nice is the news that apparently one of their daughters is seriously ill. Which helps quite a lot to understand why they had to postpone. It's fair enough.

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