Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Well, there has been an announcement--U2 will probably be resuming their tour in November. Seven or eight whole months to wait! I'm relieved, though, that it seems they'll actually be coming at all. I've got that song, I think it's by Wyclef Jean, running through my head... the one that goes, I'll be gone till November, I'll be gone till November... I see you crying but girl I can't stay cos I'll be gone till November... Give a kiss to my mother

So I'm going to go up to Auckland this weekend anyway, just for a holiday, and to see Felicity and Mike. Hopefully that'll be nice and I won't spend much money. :S At least I am no longer in overdraft and in no danger of being so. I have even opened a savings account, with 4% interest, and I actually have a substantial (for me) amount of money in there! It's a miracle.

Jane and I realised that Sunday Bloody Sunday is actually a very apt song for the tragedy of the postponed tour. Example: I can't believe the news today / I can't close my eyes and make it go away / How long, how long till they sing this song? / How long, how lo-o-o-o-o-ng? :) All right, so we changed the words very slightly, but other than that, it works rather well.

If I was in a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, my father would tell me that the postponement is going to build my character. I suppose it will, actually, because I am such an impatient person normally! There you go; every cloud has a silver lining.

I have watched both film versions of Pride and Prejudice in the last few weeks. I have to make myself ignore the book when I watch the newest one but it's growing on me in its own right. And I have to admit that Matthew Macfadyen isn't bad-looking anymore, but actually quite scrummy :) However, still he doesn't have quite the same feel of the character as Colin Firth did

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slskenyon said...

My preference entirely goes to Colin Firth--and that great scene of him in the pond.